About TeaCup

At TeaCup, quality, ranging from the premium loose tea leaves to our organic matcha powders, is most important to us, which is why our slogan is "qualiTea you can taste."

TeaCup supports local farmers, by purchasing through farmers markets, and directly at farms we have connections at. This improves the standards of our products, while cutting out extraneous middlemen costs, making the teas and snacks more affordable to YOU.

Our shop is situated in the heart of Cupertino, and is perfect for students, adults, and boba connoisseurs themselves. Because of this, we have large tables and soft furniture, which all cater to the needs of our customers, whether that be to study or to rest.

From Our Customers


James Chai, Blogger.

“TeaCup is my favorite place to work and relax. Their drinks are very affordable and delicious, I'd recommend their milk teas paired with a side of pistachio bites! ”


Emma Brown, Student.

“I went to TeaCup to check out their Caramel Milk Tea, which my friend recommended. I stayed in the shop for two hours - the shop is so comfortable and aesthetic.”


Tea Testers.

“As a group of avid tea drinkers, we can say that the tea leaves that TeaCup uses are so rich and distinct in flavor. We'll definitely come back to taste more of their new flavors!”

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